We are offering a 25% rent reduction to current Portland and Washington residents who are impacted by COVID-19 related job loss. Contact us for details.

Coronavirus Rent Relief

Ekoliving is offering rent relief for our Portland & Washington residents. We genuinely care about our community and the individuals who call our apartments home. As a local company, we are seeing the huge impact that COVID-19 is having on our area. We wish to help ease the burden that is resting on so many shoulders, in whatever way we can.

In response to the financial strain that COVID-19 is causing, we have decided to extend a rent relief offer for affected residents.

Current Portland & Washington residents have the option to pay a 25% reduced rent for April and May. We are offering this as a gift in these uncertain times. Those who choose this option will not have to pay the discount back after the state of emergency is over.

If you are in need of rent relief please contact your property manager:

Marisa Albis:  [email protected]

Xan Valdovinos:  [email protected]

The Ekoliving team wishes everyone the best during such stressful times. We hope to see the Portland Metro approach this crisis with compassion, and as a community, to emerge stronger and more united!

For updated information, or to join the community conversation, we are encouraging our residents to follow us on social media. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, and twitter: @ekolivingpdx

Additional information regarding the Coronavirus and how it is affecting Oregon can be found on the Oregon Health Authority website.


Virtual Leasing is Available

To maintain the CDC’s recommendation of social distancing, we are giving prospective residents a virtual leasing experience.


Making an Impact:

We are committed to doing our part by helping our residents and inspiring others to do the same! As of today, we have helped 126 people in Portland and 20 in Washington!

Updated: April 1, 2020

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